Stijn van Els

Director Commercial
Port of Rotterdam Authority

Joining Shell from university with a physics degree from Delft University of Technology in 1988, Stijn has built up a distinguished career through a range of technical, commercial, project and senior leadership roles.

He has held positions in downstream manufacturing technology, project start-up and operations roles across the Netherlands, Japan and Germany.

Furthermore, he has worked in Shell’s upstream business, with LNG, commercial and new business development assignments in England, Australia as well as the Netherlands. During the last 10 years with Shell, Stijn has held a number of senior management roles: as Executive Vice President Contracting & Procurement, responsible for Shell’s global procurement organization from the Netherlands, as CEO of a petrochemical Joint Venture between Qatar Petroleum and Shell based in Qatar and as CEO and country chair of Shell’s business in Germany.

Stijn has a strong people focus and led teams through organisational and market changes successfully. In his last role he has been leading significant energy transition work in Germany. Since early 2019, Stijn has left Shell and moved back to join his family in the Netherlands. Stijn has taken on the role of Director Commercial at the Port of Rotterdam Authority, responsible for the delivery of key energy transition and other complex transactions.

Stijn has been appointed as Supervisory Board member of TenneT, the operator of the high-voltage networks throughout the Netherlands and most of Germany and therefore plays an essential role in the energy transition in Europe. He is also chairman of the supervisory board of EVOS, an independent storage company. Furthermore, Stijn is the chairman of the Supervisory Board of IDA Foundation, a world leading, independent Dutch social enterprise providing medical goods to healthcare organizations worldwide.

Stijn is married with four children and lives in the historic city of Leiden.

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    Stijn van Els
    Director Commercial, Port of Rotterdam Authority

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