Vinod Philip

Member of the Executive Board
Siemens Energy

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    To panic or not to panic – How do we solve the twin challenge of mitigating climate change and fostering prosperity?


    Humanity has arrived in dire straits, taking all the living beings on the planet right along with it: The impacts of climate change are becoming ever more apparent, with the physical processes behind it taking up speed. So why not team up for decisive collective action? Well, it is not that easy after all: With the severe shocks of the Pandemic and the energy crisis barely overcome, industrialized countries have entered a renaissance of geoeconomic competition for future value-creation, while aspiring countries still yearn for their equal share of wealth and opportunities. So, the key question poses a twin challenge: How to mitigate climate change and to foster prosperity, that is the question!

    Christoph Bals, Policy Director, Germanwatch

    Dr. Wiebke Lüke, Founder & Managing Director, WEW

    Dr. Brigitte Knopf, Secretary General, MCC  Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change

    Vinod Philip, Member of the Executive Board, Siemens Energy 

    Moderation: Dr. Gokce Mete, Global Lead, Hydrogen & Industry Decarbonization, South Pole