BDI/Business at OECD – International Tax Conference

The Tax Order of the Future – Global, Green and Digital

In 2022, there are crucial challenges in international taxation. After years of negotiations, the G20 finance ministers agreed on the cornerstones of a global minimum tax and a new taxing right in October 2021. What are the implications of these new rules for companies and states in terms of complexity, administrative burden and double taxation?

At the same time, green taxes play a key role in the new climate goals of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. What reforms to energy taxes and emissions trading schemes are needed to address the effects of climate change?

Last but not least, there is great potential to improve international cooperation between tax administrations and businesses by digitising the taxation process. What are the consequences of tax digitalisation for taxpayers and tax administrations?

The BDI will discuss these issues with representatives from politics, business and OECD and academics at the joint conference of BDI and BIAC.

Further information regarding the program and a registration link will follow.