3rd German Israeli Space Forum

The German Israeli Space Forum, organized by ELNET´s GINSUM Project and BDI´s NewSpace Initiative, links Germany as a space nation with Israel as a technology nation. The forum is an opportunity for leaders, experts, politicians, and stakeholders from both states to discuss relevant and current topics and explore opportunities for cooperation on issues relating to space. This year’s Space Forum focuses on two of the most pressing political issues of the day: defense and food security. 

09:30 Networking Coffee

10:00 Welcome and Introduction

10:05 Keynote

10:25 Panel Discussion: German Israeli Defense Cooperation in Space

Space has become a vital arena in the geopolitical theatre. Cyber-attacks on Ukrainian satellites during the Russian invasion of Ukraine have again highlighted the importance of this area. 

  • Increasing importance of strategic warfare involving satellites (ASATs, role of satellite information gathering)
  • Arrow 3 and beyond: what’s next for German Israeli defense cooperation with reference to space?
  • Defending against cyber-attacks in space 
  • International efforts to regulate behavior in space: what can Israel and Germany do?

11:00 Innovation Pitches

11:20 Panel Discussion: Space and Food Security

This panel focuses on the potential of space technologies to improve food security around the world, and the opportunity that German Israeli cooperation offers. 

  • the potential of space technologies (remote sensing, agri robotics) to improve food security: where do Germany and Israel stand? 
  • how to leverage the expertise and cooperation of Israel and Germany in space technologies to advance food security 
  • Opportunities in space for German Israeli cooperation modelled on the US-Israeli Climate-Smart Agriculture initiative for the Middle East and Africa 

11:55   Concluding Remarks

12:00  End


The event language is English.