Annika  Wollermann

    Annika Wollermann

    Managing Director & Chief Commercial Officer
    POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH

    Annika is the Managing Director & Chief Commercial Officer of POLARIS Spaceplane, a dual use New Space startup from Bremen that is building a hypersonic multipurpose platform. Their vision is an airline-like spaceplane operation that encompasses horizontal take-offs and landings from conventional airports from e.g. the European mainland. Currently, they are building the 5th subscale demonstrator to perform rocket powered drone flights and test their in-house developed linear aerospike engine, which resembles a world premiere in aerospace engineering.

    Annika holds an engineering degree and gathered research experience on fiber composites and Digital Twins of jet engines at the DLR and the University of Cambridge. She began her career as an aerospace and public sector strategy consultant before pursuing the development of a novel space transportation system.

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